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Selection criteria for the „right“ CAFM-System …

… or better the „right“ CAFM-solution (An overview over CAFM Best Practice issues)?

To get back to the question asked above…: „how much CAFM does a Facility Manager need?“
Processes… Every analytically thinking person should be in the position to analyze and answer the question: „How much CAFM do I as a facility manager need?“ It could be that a second opinion is helpful to clarify one or another problem, but basically every facility manager knows  where the shoe pinches and this way he knows where a IT-supprt oft the Fm processes would be reasonable. Having said that, the first step to answer this question always has to be an analysis of the processes with the goal of optimization. Why would you modify or alter the current processes, if an amelioration or optimization of the current situation cannot be achieved? That means on the other hand that you have to understand your current processes. Lack of such knowledge is often the cause for the failure of CAFM-projects BEFORE the implementation, for procrastination or not being able to meet the criteria of the budget… or for not having the necessary resources available in time. to be continued ….

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