facility management

We all have become a society of experts and specialists.

But facility management always requires a greater farsightedness, a holistic approach, the intention for networking, and is responsible that people can feel comfortable, that they feel safe and that they find ideal living- and work-conditions.


Today nobody questions the necessity of CAFM /CMMS or IWMS  Systems.
The software has changed tremendously in the last 15 years.
Big data and IoT are evolving fast and the possibilities seam endless…


CAFM-Software – it’s just tools

How much CAFM do I as a facility manager need?

Consider the right tools for your Facility-Management processes, before making any choice for  your CAFM-System or your CAFM-solution!

IT project management

IT-Project-management differs from construction project-management basically in a different stakeholders’ mentality, in a different focus on the goal and in the way the results shall to be used.

design review

In the early stage of a building, during planning, the basic structure for the operation is already fixed.

But there is often no room for innovation, optimization, farsightedness because of deadlines or lack of experience.


There is no such thing as an universal guideline.

Our guidelines have been copied multiple times until now and can be found all over the internet, but guidelines have to be custom-built in any case!

operational business

No…. we are not a FM-service-provider!

We are a FM-Solution-Provider  and as your consultant always  close to the operational business of your building

collecting & processing data

The right amount, the right degree/depth of detail …

… is sometimes hard to find … requires a lot of experience … avoids “data graveyards” … ensures your management decisions … guarantees the security of your building/project …

FM projects

 isar1 ag …

Highlighting a few of our projects:

  • CAFM consulting
  • process analysis
  • data controlling
  • project management
  • commissioning