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operational business

No…. we are not a FM-service-provider!

We are a FM-Solution-Provider  and as your consultant always  close to the operational business of your building

Experience- and Solution-oriented

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”
(Bill Gates)

We are a FM-Solution-Provider and as your consultant always close to the operational business of your building. We have created a toolkit consisting of various services and software products for you. We always focus on the complete life cycle of the real estate, from site analysis to planning, construction, operation and even to demolition of the building. Our solutions go through permanent optimization processes to guarantee a continuous and stable value for our customers.

For documentation management and management / coordination for planning and engineering we work closely with .
Cadac‌ solutions are worldwide successfully used in project orientated engineering-businesses, like in Oil- & natural gas industry, in mining  & metal industry, in  power & process industry , in equipment manufacturing and in building & construction as well as on share and collaborate on documents and CAD-drawings and Workflow-Management.
These solutions are built on a company background of over 25 years and are based on Microsoft SharePoint

buildingSMART –> SMARTbuildings

It has always been important to us to gain know-how from the experiences in facility managements for architectural planning, construction and realization which is suitable in terms of FM concerns, to avoid typical faults of planning and to achieve a design that is most effective and suitable for all FM aspects.

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  • evaluates the interim management of
    • buildings,
    • FM-companies
    • FM-departments
  • conducts start-up-phases in building- and FM-projects
  • elaborates calls for tenders for building operation and secures its realization
  • optimizes FM-operation and FM-organization
  • drafts and implements the necessary  (IT-)tools
  • coaches, oversees and secures commissioning and warranty management
  • ….