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FM Innovation Tools

There are a lot of innovative tools out there…  We would like to introduce three of them here:

  1. QUICK SCAN – an evaluation tool of the current status of am FM project, developed by isar1 ag
  2. – A Scientific Metrology of FM Organization Capability and Maturity, developed by GFMA
  3. TASK FORCE – Complete control of all (design-) documents in your projects by CADAC GROUP


An easy and fast evaluation process tailored for you!

  • You are dissatisfied

    • with your CAFM solution provider
    • with the system performance
    • with the quality of your data
    • with the processes
  • We analyse…

    • the system
    • the processes
    • the data
    • the structure
  • The solution for a fixed price, e.g….

    • 2 days of analysis
    • 1 day elaboration
    • 1-2 hours presentation

A² – A squared

What is ?

  • A scientific questionnaire-driven analysis of the current standards, activities, and processes that exist within the corporate Facility Management unit.
  • An assessment of the results delivered by the FM organization.
  • A review of FM operations capabilities.
  • An evaluation of the FM operations maturity.

Why do you need ?

  • Gives enhanced and professional credibility and confirmation of the FM activities.
  • Analyzes FM activities with comparisons against
    • Recognized FM global best practices,
    • IFMA Core Competencies, and
    • Quality and Organizational Maturity models
  • Provides critical data to become the basis for the future FM Organization Strategy.

What benefits will be derived from ?

  • Confirms what FM services are delivered well and where improvements can be realized.
  • Justifies your call for resources, for change, and for optimization of FM business practices.
  • Guides strategy development, giving direction for the most efficient and cost-effective facility management.
  • defines where service improvements can be realized and your  costs can be reduced.