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facility management

We all have become a society of experts and specialists.

But facility management always requires a greater farsightedness, a holistic approach, the intention for networking, and is responsible that people can feel comfortable, that they feel safe and that they find ideal living- and work-conditions.

A holistic approach

Le ROI, c’est moi!

It is OUR responsibility that the core business runs smoothly, that people feel safe and comfortable in our buildings, that hey find optimal life- and work conditions.

Isar 1 benefits from real life practice and creates conceptional visions, elaborates real life implementations and optimizes the allover operation. Our goal is to generate a Return On Investment for our customers.

We can give you an understanding how to achieve those goals, we can realize and implement those goals for you, conduct your projects or analyze and overhaul existing systems and processes for you.

We can help you to achieve quality assurance, provide you with tools for processes and user input. We can help you launch you project smoothly, so you can relax and your Return On Investment will be achieved as soon as possible.

Three Cornerstones of FM Consulting

• • • Considerations in FM can be confusing and complexe:

… the right choice of the team … the use of adequate tools … the implementation of the best strategies for service, maintenance and repair … guarantee for for safety and operator’s responsibility … audits for service provider and sit audits on a regular basis … definition and controlling of Key Performance Indicators …

FM Consulting


 of Processes | provided Data | Documentation


of Data structure | Maturity | Capability

Customised Consulting

for Organization | Operation | CAFM

FM Toolkits

Choosing a system

Catalogue of requirements | Interviews | Data monitoring | Use cases

Capability analysis

Users | Administrators | CAFM-suppliers

QM Management

Datebases | “Non-redundancy” policy throughout the whole Fm process | Assitance with tenders

FM Operation

FM Execution

 Maintenance| Resources | Human-resource allocation


Functional tests | Determination of deficiencies | Documentation

QM Operation

On-site checks | Photo documentation | Audit preparation

Service Desk

Start-up | Training | Operation Manual | Performance Check | Assurance quality management


Technicians | Supervisors | Draftsmen | Dispatchers | Service Personal | Management

isar1 ag FM Services

collecting & processing data

The right amount, the right depth of detail

is sometimes hard to find … requires a lot of experience … avoids “data graveyards” … ensures your management decisions … guarantees the security of your building/project …

reviewing the design

Sometimes it come down to a few simple questions:

  1. Do the systems actually “work”?
  2. Are the components compatible?
  3. Are he materials harmonized and well synchronized?
  4. Has the design been developed due to technical , modern standards?


The systems implemented years ago are facing the challenge to get optimized

  • consistency check of data for CAFM-systems
  • concepts for configuration and implementation for CAFM-systems
  • analysis and optimization of live CAFM-systems in operation
  • training concepts and practical training for CAFM-systems

IT project management

if your IT-Project is at risk you need

  • a neutral “third” opinion
  • an analysis of the current state, focused on the necessities
  • constructive recommendation for amelioration and optimization
  • realistic schedules
  • help with increasing your ressources

operational advice

we help you

  • estimate the interim management of
    • buildings,
    • FM-companies
    • FM-departments
  • conduct start-up-phases in building- and FM-projects
  • elaborate calls for tenders for building operation and secure its realisation
  • optimise FM-operation and FM-organization
  • draft and implement the necessary  (IT-)tools


Our reliable team …

works interdisciplinary … has enough farsightedness … reacts on time … has a long-time international experience … analyses meticulously … suggests feasible solutions … conducts you during implementation … does not leave you out in the rain