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The daily work in an architectural or design office has changed tremendously over the last 30 years:

… from an analog to the full digital world of today.

Tools and equipment

it is all about information

Tools and equipment, which were not at all affordable for architectural and engineering offices, are now present almost everywhere in our daily use, not that expensive anymore and made their success into our modern world …

While we are working, we are getting more independent, mobile and global. We contribute to a international network and use resources over several time zones and that makes our planning more efficient and our reaction time quicker.

You do not talk about plans anymore, you talk about  —>>>

Information is provided and spread extensively by the fast growing WWW and  Social Media.

Too much information?

“Big Data”, “Cloud”, “Building Smart” “IoT” … are the new magic words.

Today it has more often become a problem, that there is an abundance of information and that we have to spend more and more time to filter the “right” data. And “fake news” has become more popular than real news.

isar1 ag  …

  • analyses your current IT+Software
  • develops advice for the optimization of your planning an construction operations
  • shows new ways to generate your unique selling point through suitable technology
  • instructs and trains your employees in optimal use and know-how of IT in planning and construction
  • helps you getting more economical an efficient by the perfect us ot your IZ
  • ….