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design review

In the early stage of a building, during planning, the basic structure for the operation is already fixed.

But there is often no room for innovation, optimization, farsightedness because of deadlines or lack of experience.

Consider a few simple questions:

Design is how it works.” (Steve Jobs)

  1. Do the systems actually “work”?
  2. Are the components compatible?
  3. Are he materials harmonized and well synchronized?
  4. Has the design been developed due to technical, modern standards?
  5. Is the layout felxible, but still functional?
  6. Is there an innovative idea behind?

Isar1 ag…

  • analyses the projected systems and
  • designs future operation processes
  • calculates the estimated operational cost
  • reviews and optimizes the layout
  • elaborates sustainable alternatives and optimizations
  • develops flexible designs and modular layout concepts
  • researches possible savings
  • suggests feasible solutions
  • leads you through implementation
  • does not leave you out in the rain ….