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It should be self-evident that building projects have a proper and thoroughly documentation after their completion. Unfortunately our experiences in facility management show, that this is still an illusion for a large part of building projects until today….

Documentation? What documentation?

The reasons for an incomplete or lacking documentation:

  • The documentation was not part of the contract
  • The project had a confusing structure
  • The effort for collecting the relevant documents seems to high
  • There is no coordinator or manager, who takes care of an accurate documentation

A good documentation can be achieved through…

determination of project standards …. a contract for implementation of distinct documentation guidelines that are mandatory for everyone who is involved in the project … quality assurance of all data on a regular basis (documentation controlling) …. even if that is not required by the owner/buyer … work-flow and elaboration due to internal documentation standards which were created specifically for this project ….

as a result you will have the certainty that you

  1. are able to deliver economical and high quality standard projects …
  2. are able to avoid additional coordination which is time consuming and cost intensive …
  3. are able to pass these standards on to our clients with a well balanced budget …

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”(Mark Twain)

Consider the needs of the future operation company and user, who will be forced to collect all necessary data by themself, troublesome and time consuming.

isar1 ag …

  • always supervises every project according to internal and/or external documentation standards
  • always ensures a high quality of the issued documents trough internal QM standards
  • verifies and resolves the needs for the project documentation with the customer and adjusts flexibly to their requirements
  • creates CAD-, CAFM- and documentation guidelines on a 30 year experienced basis
  • organises, implements and coordinates a documentation management and controlling
  • optimises your relevant documentation processes
  • integrates supporting tools for planning an documentation
  • supports YOU in creating a documentation for existing buildings and already completed projects
  • solves organisational and IT-technical problems between all participants and the used tools
  • ….