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collecting & processing data

The right amount, the right degree/depth of detail …

… is sometimes hard to find … requires a lot of experience … avoids “data graveyards” … ensures your management decisions … guarantees the security of your building/project …

What results from data processing? …

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”
(Tim Berners-Lee)

No matter … if your are looking for a FM service provider or operating the building by yourself … implementing a CAFM-system … scheduling a maintenance plan …have to evaluate your organisation responsibilities and duties … without the necessary data and background information, this is hardly possible.


… A comprehensive knowledge of all data

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
(Benjamin Franklin)

A profound knwoledge about the data of your technical assets and your building is essential for all operational decisions. It is of similar importance as the determination of the strategies for maintenance, of strategies for performance and availability or necessary security training.

 isar1 ag …

  • evaluates buildings and technical equipment
  • re-structures and optimizes existing digital data
  • develops and manages data processing projects
  • secures the quality of comprehensive existing data
  • advises you in finding the adequate level of detail
  • provides all relevant data for your search for a building operator