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construction management

  • The project… is utter chaos …
  • The construction site … is a mess …
  • The building… is not ready for occupancy …
  • The building operation … starts way too late

Your projects should not be executed this way!

Too many ways to reach an undefined goal …

Most of the problems appear, if several individualists work on the same tasks at the same time without coordination.. and a coordinator is missing…

There should always be a head with the thinking cap on.. a head coordinator!

isar1 ag works for YOU as

  • essential coordinator and contact person for every aspect
  • circumspect trustee for your needs and challenges
  • tough manager of a competent, professional and committed team
  • farseeing concept developer for a future-proof and sustainable building operation
  • diligent organizer and manager of all necessary papers and documents
  • ….

The advantages of construction management for the buyer or owner are obvious:

One way to reach a predefined goal …

  1. the responsibility for the planning stays only in one hand.
  2. individualists become part of a team.
  3. there is central quality assurance and time management as well as a central cost management/controlling
  4. owners/buyers get results, that are coordinated and optimized from the very first step