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IT-Project Management

IT-Project-management differs from construction project-management basically in a different stakeholders’ mentality, in a different focus on the goal and in the way the results shall to be used.

Why do many IT-projects fail?

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” (Sun Tzu, The Art of War)

But…who are your enemies?
    • The requirements are not, too late, or insufficient (depth of detail) defined and discussed
    • The processes and the consequences for organization/Stake Holder were neither analyzed nor finalized
    • the necessary data are not available on time
    • Stake Holders are afraid of transparency and more effort
    • The project management on the part of software-distributor and/or client is weak
    • The contract between provider and distributor contains huge gaps in reference to the stipulated results
    • Sufficient resources are not provided
    • and so on

And what are the goals?

Organise and Synchronise!

A FM Consultant has to serve as a translator and mediator between the several parties, helping them understand the project goals, the advantages of every aspect in every single step and every period of the life cycle.

The implementation of a software as a main goal of an IT-project is normally determined to have a significantly shorter life-cyle than a building. The focus of software projects is primarily on the enhancement of the processes and therefore on a simplification of the work-flow, which is expected by the users. That is the reason why users are more intensively involved in the projects and this way the users are contributing to the outcome and the result of the whole project.

isar1 can help, if your IT-Project is at risk, with

  • a neutral “third” opinion
  • an analysis of the current state, focused on the necessities
  • constructive recommendation for amelioration and
  • realistic schedules
  • increase of ressources
  • ….