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Who we are

isar1 ag celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2024! We are delighted that you have landed here and will continue to support and accompany you with our many years of experience in all your national and international construction, facility management and IT projects.


The history of isar1 AG began years before the company had been founded.

isar1 AG for planning+design+management

an incorporated joint-stock company with focus on international building- and as well as on international facility management projects.

Markus Groll, CEO and founder of the isar1 AG has been working for several well established and well known architectural offices right after accomplishing his university degree as an architect. In these seven years Markus implemented his knowledge in projects like plannings for big apartment buildings, commercial sites, bridge construction and engineering, building physics and refurbishing and restoration of heritage buildings and preservation of sites of historic interest.


Milestones until the formation of isar1 AG:

  • 1999 formation isar1 aktiengesellschaft für planung + design + managment
  • 1997 formation isar1 GdbR (partners Markus Groll, Daniela Friess, Andreas Trenkle)
  • 1995 formation architectural office Markus Groll
  • 1992 Markus @ PFP planning Rosenheim
  • 1991 Markus Groll @ Generalbauunternehmer Kreutzer
  • 1988 Markus Groll @ Architekturbüro Richard J. Dietrich, München


We are building our teams for each project to the demands of every task.

Over the time we have established a pool of talented and ambitious experts who work with us on a regular basis as employees or freelancers… A long time experience of working together in various projects has set up our goals towards focusing on the success of our projects and furthermore supporting each other .

We are always looking for new people and fresh resources with the greater intention to broaden our horizons and to complement our knowledge base.


Project Management

We conduct an analysis in advance and elaborate precise and practical suggestions, how we could possibly support you the best way and how you will meet your project goals.

Documentation & Guidelines

There is no such thing like an universal guideline. Our guidelines are always  one of a kind compendiums, custom-built to the needs, adjusted tor the existing structures and systems. 

CAFM Solution Consulting

We can help you to achieve quality assurance, provide you with tools for processes and user input. We get you project plain sailing, so you can relax and your Return On Investment will be achieved as soon as possible.

Engineering Solutions

Cadac‌Organice solutions are worldwide successfully used in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Manufacturing and Process, Power and Marine,


Featured Projects


Architecture: Office- and Production building, Ottobrunn/Munich


Architecture: Office Building Headquarters, Munich


Facility Management: Data-Controlling, FM Guidelines, CAFM-System


Facility Management: Project Management, Azerbaijan

Partners & Memberships

Global FM Alliance

USA, Canada, Belize, Germany

Cadac Group

Heerlen, Netherlands

FM Adviso

Belize, USA

FM Consult-Create



We believe that an intensive exchange in know-how between our colleagues and partners is important. Therefore we are involved in several membership programs of various organizations. We would like to recommend the following institutions and organizations: